The Lord Is Near 2024 calendar

Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said … ? Genesis 3:1 KJV

Has God Said?

Satan made Eve doubt God’s word and thus God Himself, and this was her downfall. Doubting God’s word made her doubt God and His goodness towards them. Satan tried the same strategy with the Lord in that he used God’s very Word, endeavoring to have the Lord deviate from the path of obedience and dependence (Mt. 4:1–10).

Satan does the same to us today, trying to entice with instant gratification, with arguments of social justice, of tolerance, of personal rights, and such philosophies. The sectarian system of learning teaches to doubt all things, to put human reasoning at the core rather than faith. The doctrine of evolution is taught even though it is known that there are many flaws in that teaching. Other things are taught, all with the purpose of removing God from His sovereignty and authority and putting self at the center of the universe. God is our Creator and Redeemer. He is the One who knows all things, who loves us without human measure, and who wants the very, very best for us—to bless us that we may be blessed. This is only fully obtained as we surrender to Him and obey His Word. Our limited understanding may cause us to doubt; our human reasoning may create confusion in our hearts; certain things may not appear to be correct, but these thoughts come from the enemy of our soul—remember Eve?

There are things we do not understand, but we must remember that God is infinite and we are finite, so we will never be able to fully comprehend the Person and ways of God. Although there are things we do not understand, for us to doubt His Word and thus to judge what we will obey, will leave us with nothing—we lose all. Let us in faith accept, confide in, obey, and adhere to His perfect Word.

Albert Blok