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Some from Manasseh … helped David against the bands of raiders, for they were all mighty men of valor, and they were captains in the army. 1 Chronicles 12:19, 21 NKJV

David’s Mighty Men (7)

People from Manasseh came to help David when he was staying at Ziklag. In many respects, those were very trying times for David because Saul was seeking to kill him. As one of the Philistine leaders, King Achish, protected David, he even wanted to join the Philistines in their fight against Saul. The Lord prevented this plan because the other Philistine leaders refused to let David join them. When he retreated to Ziklag, David and his men found out that the Amalekites had looted it and taken away all women and children. Through God’s gracious and miraculous intervention, they were preserved, and David was able to rescue them all and recover everything (1 Sam. 30). After this, David sent portions to those who had helped him earlier.

We do not know when the people from Manasseh joined David, but they greatly helped him, and he gave them honorable positions. From the context of today’s verse, we learn that they joined David before he was anointed king. Others may have joined him later as followers before all Israel followed him.

What matters for us today is how we identify publicly with the true David, our Lord Jesus Christ. It is not through political schemes, expedient plans, popular movements, or activism. Rather, we do so by obeying Him in submission to God’s authoritative Word. “Mighty men of valor,” today, are true Christians who are men and women of prayer, serving Him with devoted lives, in whatever capacity God may use them. The New Testament instructs us to fully surrender to Him as His disciples. We become disciples and learn from Him as we take His yoke upon us (Mt. 11:29), in obedience and commitment to Him, until He comes.

Alfred E. Bouter